Working with small businesses, for us, means there isn’t a team of people to handle all different aspects of the operation. We are the design department, the photo department, the sourcing department, the inventory managers, the marketing department, the tech team, there are meetings to go to and all of this needs to be handled 24/7…on the go.

Between packing around our camera, our laptops, and our two kidlets, we had some luggage issues. We had laptop bags that didn’t fit our cameras and camera bags that didn’t fit our laptops and bags that fit both but were huge and bulky and the whole lot of them were not incredibly professional looking.

We felt like so many people were in the same position as us: the chronic entrepreneurs, those mom and pop shops, and those hobbyists that found their hobbies actually making them a living. There seemed to be this whole category of people that weren’t being catered to in terms of their lifestyle. So we decided to fill the void ourselves.

We’re so happy to release our line of entrepreneurial bags! Here is a walk through of our thought process behind each of it’s unique features:

A removable “shelf” separates the inside section in half. The bottom section has side access making it easy to get a hold of things without having to take the bag off. The laptop section is completely separated from the rest of the bag, which we love not having to open the flap to get to, and this way it’s extra protected. There’s a dedicated small pocket for the essentials you need quick like your phone, keys, and wallet.

We’re always traveling with a water bottle (or baby bottle) so having a pocket for that was essential. The flap is magnetic making it easy to secure your bag quickly. Under the flap, there are two inner pockets big enough for an iPad mini, cords, or writing utensils.

We designed this bag for the creative professional, but found that it ended up being the perfect bag for..everything. The designer, the parent, the traveler, the student, it seems every new person to discover the packs has a unique way of how it solves a luggage problem of their own. We want to see how you end up using your bag. Tag us on instagram and use the hashtag #atlassupplyco #deathtoworkplace and cheers to creative and office freedom!