Aleksandra Zee

Woodworker // Artist

Oakland based Woodworker, Aleksandra Zee builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards and table tops. With a degree in Fine Arts, Zee has built a full time career in making art as a living.From trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees, Zee draws her inspiration from travel and being heavily rooted in the past.

We are so inspired by Aleksandra and is a favorite follow of ours on instagram. We couldn’t be more stoked that she takes the Sand backpack on her travels.

Max Wanger

Photographer // Artist

Max constructed his first camera out of paper and scotch tape when he was seven years old. To this day, he is fond of simplicity and negative space, to less is more, to the beauty in the unexpected. Max’s photographs have been exhibited and recognized all over the world. He’s worked with companies such as, Ace Hotel, Benefit Cosmetics, All Birds, Cereal Magazine, and more.

Max has been a huge inspiration for us for years so we’re pretty star struck that he rocks his equipment in the Sand backpack. Give his print shop a look! ????


Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Norcal born and SoCal raised, Antonyette, is a couples, wedding, adventurous photographer and everything in between. She’s always been a sucker for a good love story and often goes by the title “Professional Third Wheeler”. When she’s not shooting she’s usually planning an adventure. Where you find her you will always find her Atlas bag. For those couples looking to travel, capture the magic, and express your unique love, she’s a no brainer.

Antonyette’s work is stunning and we’re stoked that her backpack in Copper accompanies her on all of her shoots!

Heather Day

Artist // Solo Exhibitionist

Heather Day is an artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her background in travel and culture encouraged her to see more of the world, where she discovered a connection to nature—her main source of inspiration. Day’s art is a form of visual storytelling interested in conveying moments of interactions. She works primarily with paint and non-traditional materials, and is known for her murals. The philosophy that everything is a product of an experience frames each work, conveying stories of movement and ideas of color through seams,lines, and layers.

We can’t get enough of her work and we’re so honored that Heather travels with her studio in the Sand backpack.

Joshy Soul

Musician / Artist

Joshy Soul and The Cool is a R&B soul band based out of Salt Lake City. With influences from Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Jackie Wilson and more, Soul and the band brings a smooth yet electrifying energy and sound to the stage.

We are huge fans of Joshy Soul’s work and have his songs on repeat in the office regularly. We couldn’t believe that a Sand Minimalist was added to his wardrobe (his style is all the goals). Get yourself hooked on Joshy Soul and The Cool on itunes.

Becca Clason

Lettering & Stop Motion Artist

You may know her from her mesmerizing videos on instagram, Becca is an incredibly creative visual story teller. Her husband and herself have a studio based in Utah where they’ve worked with brands such as Facebook, Warner Music Group, Nordstroms and Starbucks.

We did a little happy dance when we were included in Becca’s top 10 things she loved in 2018 (see the stop motion she posted here!) and if you’re not already following her on instagram, you’re doing life wrong. We couldn’t be more stoked that she keeps all her essentials in her Walnut Minimalist.

Tim Melideo

Fashion Blogger + Photographer

Tim is a professional photographer based out of San Diego. He was one of the first male fashion bloggers and was around before #menswear. Prior to his style transformation he was a California skater and in a metal/punk band and his style reflected that. After a move to New York, he felt inspired to better himself and style was a part of that.

We’re honored to be a part of his wardrobe in both Americano and Copper.

Julie Ann

Artist // Creator of Julie Ann Art

Julie Ann Art is straightforward sentiments for people who just don’t give a f*ck. Julie, the artist behind it all, left her day job to pursue Julie Ann Art full time. She started making greeting cards because she wanted to be able to create something that held a purpose. You can now find her cards in stores such as Urban Outfitters throughout the U.S.

We’re excited to have Julie Ann travel with the Minmalist Backpack in Ink.

Kelli Murray

Illustrator // Creator of Rylee + Cru

Illustrator Kelli Murray created a children’s line inspired by her own little ones.  Rylee and Cru merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child.  The collection consists of quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box.  The shapes are comfortable and the fabrics are soft, making dressing easy for baby and mama.

We want one of everything from her line and love that the Copper backpack goes with her on her travels.

Mary Lauren

Blogger + Mama // Creator of Headed Somewhere

Mary Lauren is the curator and author of Headed Somewhere. She live on a winding country road near the ocean with her growing family. They spend our days dancing in the kitchen, collecting rocks & chasing each other on the back lawn.

We love following her family as she travels the world and makes a beautiful life. Mary and her husband rock a canvas backpack and Copper backpack

Amy + Jen Hood

Graphic Designers // Creators of Hoodzpah + Odds & Sods

Hoodzpah is a branding agency with moxie. They relish in creating things that delight the senses and serve the purpose. Branding hundreds of businesses, they have also designed on campaigns and projects for cultural pillars like Google, Disney, Vox Media, and Target.

We are long time fans of the talented twins, we couldn’t be more excited they rep Copper and Ink backpacks.