How To Be A Minimalist Mom

This one is mostly for the moms out there, but stick around anyway if you’re interested in making and keeping things simple. Whether you’re a new mom, a veteran mom, a dog mom (or cat mom, we don’t exclude) a soon-to-be mom, or not a mom at all, all can benefit from some organization tips & tricks to embrace the minimalist side of life. 

With spring in the air, life is just begging for a cleanout and declutter. That makes it the perfect time to start anew. That being said, minimalism isn’t exactly ‘starting from scratch’, exactly. It’s just simplifying things and ensuring that everything has a function, rather than an object becoming clutter or only used as decor. Minimalism doesn’t have to be as bare-bones as some make it. Minimalist fashion isn’t owning one or two items per category that are interchangeable. Minimalist decor doesn’t have to mean bare walls and neutral aesthetics. General minimalism doesn’t mean you have to toss the toys, television, car, clothes, or family photos, it’s just about cutting back.

Signs You Might Enjoy ‘A Less Is More’ Approach

If you can’t find what you’re looking for multiple times a week, if your closet and cabinets are overflowing with things that you often don’t touch or even remember existed, and if your schedule causes anxiety and little time to breathe, you might have too much on your plate. It goes back to the age-old phrase, there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the backbone of minimalism. 

Scheduling, Daily Life & Minimalism

In today’s world, everybody is busy. However, having multiple daily obligations and an overwhelming number of weekend commitments may point to the need to reevaluate their place in your life. If some of these tasks or events aren’t necessary, and don’t bring value to your life, you may consider eliminating them or scaling them back.

For your children: From sports to homework to lessons, today’s kids have a lot going on. If all of their free time has been scheduled until bedtime, consider asking them what they value and enjoy. If able, cut the unnecessary to let them enjoy the joy of childhood. 

When it comes to you or your partner: Work, chauffeuring, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, the list of demands never ends. Consider delegating chores more evenly between family members and perhaps outsourcing when possible. Grocery delivery or monthly cleaning service can be small prices to pay for more family time and sanity. The point of minimalism to give your energy and time to things that you value.

When you give a gift, consider the longevity and value of that gift to the receiver. Will it be a cherished and valued item that has a staple place in their life, or will it be easily forgotten, left to collect dust? Do they need a new bag, or will that add to their collection of unused statement pieces? Is the diaper bag just a diaper bag, or can it be used after the baby is out of diapers? How useful should that gift be? Does this gift help create a minimalist lifestyle that continues to add value?

Declutter & Restructure Like A Pro

Decluttering a schedule and decluttering a room are two different, difficult processes. Many are prone to the mindset that they ‘might’ use/wear/need x object again, and therefore they shouldn’t toss it. That’s how excess everything builds up, from copies of photos, to news clippings, to clothes, toys, to DVR recordings, to recyclable Tupperware, and anything else you can think of. The bottom line is, that mindset has got to go. Look at toys that don’t get played with, clothes that don’t get worn, games that don’t get played, books that don’t get read, movies that don’t get watched, kitchen utensils that don’t get used, photos that are duplicates, receipts that have already been recorded, papers that have already been read, and get rid of what isn’t absolutely essential. Of course, keeping a child’s old schoolwork is something parents like to do, so just make sure you have a designated spot for all past and future schoolwork so you aren’t finding random papers left and right. 

Once you get rid of the excess, you can build a good framework for the future organization of everything you have left. Once you have an organizational system in place, you’ll likely either adhere to it, or have seasonal declutters. Either way, you’re making strides toward a more minimalist lifestyle. 

Minimalism & Fashion

We mentioned minimalist fashion briefly, which we’ll dive into now. Minimalist fashion allows for simplicity by designating each piece to be multi-use rather than limited in quantity. It’s why people create ‘capstone wardrobes’ full of staple pieces only. (Click here for a women’s how to & here for a men’s). This process can significantly increase your closet space as it’s not stuffed with shoes that are worn out, holey sweatpants, or T-shirts you got for free walking around your college campus that you’ll never wear again. And, as we’ve already said, minimalism doesn’t mean restricting everything all the time. However, that being said, there is one area where things can and should be limited: handbags, purses, backpacks. Bags: the thing you carry your things in. You shouldn’t need a separate bag for school, work, errands, for when you’re out with your baby, or when you take your pup on a walk. 

You shouldn’t need a different bag for every outfit, occasion, or outing. You should be able to keep things organized in your daily bag, confident that you can find whatever it is you know you have in there. 

Whether you’re a mom or not, you should be able to pack the essentials as well as a few nonessentials without feeling like you’re lugging around too much stuff with not enough space.   

Finally, you (or your partner) shouldn’t feel embarrassed carrying a diaper bag around, because your diaper bag doesn’t have to look like a diaper bag (if you find the right one!). 

Minimalism & A Mini-Me

Diaper bags. These bags are great multi-use bags that have the potential to outlast the baby years and eventually become a work bag, a school backpack, or a day-to-day bag. But, many diaper bags look just like that: diaper bags. Luckily, nowadays, fashionable and multiuse diaper bags have multiplied over the years, taking over what used to be an obvious baby-belonging bag. Long gone are dated prints and children’s characters being the ‘style’ as well as velcro enclosures and bizarre ‘baby proof’ fabrics pigeonholing a bag for toting diapers around and not much else. 

Now, you can find cute bags in a number of styles, sizes, materials, and colors. Heck, there are even some bags out there that your partner might not hate carrying around, using unisex leathers and neutral colors. Don’t believe us? Check out our line of ‘Minimalist’ bags. Whether you’re more of a canvas carrier or a leather lady, our multi-use bags are where fashion meets function. Not only can you get into the bag from the top, but our bags have slick side-access and an interior removable shelf to help keep all of yours and baby’s needs properly organized. 

Packing List

Not sure what constitutes being a packable product? Consider the following list. 

  • Two more diapers than you think you’d need
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper changing pad
  • Travel-sized cleanup toiletries (such as diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer)
  • Burp cloth/washcloths
  • Pacifiers
  • A change of clothes
  • Baby snacks/bottles
  • A toy or two
  • Bandaids
  • Baby-grade sunscreen
  • A light blanket
  • A baby book

And, even if your mini-me isn’t even human, there’s ample space for pet products such as toys, leashes, harnesses, treats, pick up bags, water bottles, and anything else your portable pet might require. And that’s all in addition to things you’d normally carry, like a cell phone, wallet, keys, perhaps your laptop, and other daily essentials. 

Atlas Supply Co. Keeps Minimalism in Mind

There was a hole in the market for bags that kept it simple. Something doesn’t need the label of ‘backpack’ or ‘diaper bag’ or ‘work bag’ ‘travel bag’ or ‘school bag’ for it to rise to the occasion. We wanted to craft a high-quality bag with organization and minimalism in mind, so our customers didn’t ever have to dump out their bag to find their keys ever again. With carefully considered pocket placing and an eye for functionality, our line of bags brought our vision of a minimalist everything bag to life.

We kept creatives in mind throughout the production process to ensure we came out with a premium product that the most fashion-forward would love, as well as those that care less about fashion and more about function. Our bags are versatile, adaptable, unique, and ready to go with you where you go. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to carrying too much, cluttering up what you carry daily, and having too many unused belongings, make an Atlas bag your carry-all of choice.

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