Taking the Leap

We placed the order for our line of entrepreneurial bags! And because we are the impatient people we are, we decided to have a pre-sale. We were nervous to share it with too many people, because we figured most people are also impatient people, like ourselves. If they have to wait a month for it to ship…that’s a bit of a bummer. We ended up selling over a dozen bags, which was great! And we loved those first customers so much we wanted them to have their bags…yesterday. So we had our manufacturer send us a couple dozen bags early.

Enter the section of the story that I felt was important to share. Our whole reasoning behind sharing the process was to point out the fact that we have no clue what we’re doing. We don’t have 25 years experience under our belt, we don’t have a wise old wizard guiding us through with a magical staff of success, and we don’t have any previous gained knowledge of picking up a shipment from a port after it cleared customs. So showing up to a warehouse with an SUV we rented that morning, two kids in the back, and the only ones there who were not a freight driver or looked like Captain Ahab, we stuck out worse than two sore thumbs.

There’s so many thing we didn’t/don’t know, but the point is we were willing to ask questions. Take a risk. Look foolish. Possibly fail. Since that point we received the rest of our inventory and turned one of our two bedrooms in our home into a warehouse (creating a mega bed in the other bedroom that myself, my husband and our two children happily share), and started marketing our bags to those who were looking for a mobile office.

We’ve also received about a dozen emails from some who took our story and gained some confidence they could do it too. They’ve asked for help and advice and we’ve happily reciprocated the love we received while trying to get this company up and running. The only reason I started sharing our process was in hopes I was able to give just one person the confidence to take the leap and start doing something they’ve been wanting to do, but fear was holding them back.

We’ve found ourselves surrounded by creatives, small businesses, and prospective entrepreneurs. We’re also 5 months into our business, our pack has traveled to over 7 different countries, and we’re placing another order for more and adding new products to the line. Which for me in terms of success means, we’ve defintiely accomplished what we set out to do AND I get to keep mega bed for a while longer 🙂


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