The Modern Camera Bag For Today’s Photographer

Many of us can remember the days when our parents wanted family portraits done. You’d pack into the old minivan, head to the nearest department store, and stand in front of a backdrop while the photographer took a few photos for you to have printed later with digital copies on a CD. Big lights, tripods, and props were often used in these productions.

Today, things tend to look a little different for photographers and their clients. Instead of studio lighting, many photographers prefer the natural light the outdoors can offer. Clients today also tend to seek out natural or grand vistas. Today’s photographers are off chasing sunsets as they hike and sometimes climb to get just the right shot.

Woman taking photos at dusk while wearing a Atlas Supply Co. camera bag

If you are one of today’s photographers, you recognize the need for a good, functional bag that fits your modern, on-the-go style. You also see the need for the bag to match your branding and look professional. Here at Atlas Supply Co., we work hard to tailor our bags to the needs of today’s photographer. Our camera backpacks come with incredible functionality and a minimalist style that is ideal for the professional photographer as well as the casual photographer.


As a photographer, you have to have a camera backpack that works. You know how easy it can be for your expensive equipment to get scratched or damaged if it’s all thrown together. The Atlas Supply Co. camera bag comes with plush foam dividers to allow for multiple lenses, your camera body, and much more to fit and be well protected while you’re on the move. It is the perfect DLSR camera bag!

The functional main pocket of the Atlas Supply Co. camera bag includes dividers and zipper all the way down.

Another great feature of this modern camera bag is that it zips all the way down. There’s nothing worse than having to rummage through an upright bag searching for your lens cap during the middle of a shoot, trying to change lenses. This is why for many years backpacks weren’t considered an option for camera bags. The Atlas Supply Co. camera backpack allows you to zip the front all the way down exposing the quality-designed dividers so you can find exactly what you’re looking for right away!

The pocket on the side of the bag is perfect for your water bottle and the sleeve in the back of the bag fits your 15” laptop, keeping it separate and secure. The outside of the bag is a canvas material that will last you a long time. As mobile as you are, this backpack will match your ability to keep going and provide you the functionality you need to get the perfect shots!


As an artist, you recognize that the need for style is just as important as the need for functionality. You want to look professional and stylish when you are with your clients. The Atlas Supply Co. camera backpack will give you the image you want as a professional. We recognize that each photographer also has their own style along with branding. That’s why we keep things simple and allow you to be the star of the show.

 The Atlas Supply Co. camera backpack won’t distract from the branding message you want to display.

The plain canvas material on the outside of the bag isn’t loud or obnoxious. The colors we offer on the Durango and El Paso won’t distract from the branding message you want to display to your clients. Everything from the zippers, folds, and pockets agrees with this minimalist statement so you can feel confident and professional while enjoying the functionality of the space inside.

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If you are one of these modern photographers with modern needs, we think we’ve got the camera bag for you! Try out one of our camera bags and see what a difference it can make in your work as you continue doing what you love! 

Check out our camera backpacks today!

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