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The bag became like a member of the family, we took it with us everywhere. The beach, Disneyland, when my 4 month old and I had a flight to Utah for 32 hours, it was the only thing I took with me (along with my computer, and essential goods neatly packed inside). There were some obvious changes but for the most part it ended up being the perfect travel work bag, and the perfect diaper bag, and the perfect beach bag, it was like the sisterhood of the traveling pants of backpacks. It magically fit and filled all our needs.

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The security checkpoints at Disneyland became a thing we looked forward to. We were like kids hoping mom would hang their drawing up on the fridge, we wanted questions/comments/attention about the backpack. Which seems like half the time, they actually said something. They would make a remark on the leather, or we would watch their curious faces as we showed them how the pockets worked. One particular lady even stated, “Oh cool, everyone should have one of those backpacks.”

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While walking around California Adventure one day, one man actually ran up behind us trying to get our attention. His wife was waiting for him on the sidewalk, I thought we had dropped a binkie or something.

“Excuse me? Would you mind telling me where you got that backpack?”


He must have thought we were crazy at how we excited we were to tell him that we made it..but he wasn’t able to purchase it yet. It was the first real affirmation that someone besides ourselves would want this particular backpack.

Atlas Supply Co

We went through 3 samples of testing and edits before we decided we had the best of all the worlds. We had our perfect backpack that fit all of our professional business needs, we had the name, we had a website..

It was time for branding.


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    • Hi Daniel.

      Thanks for reaching out. We are currently sourcing our leather from China, but have some big plans for different sourcing. Stay tuned for more exciting details in the future!

      All the best,

      Atlas Supply Co.