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Carry your life in here, so you can

Go get inspiration out there.

Inspiration out there

You wear multiple hats

You shouldn’t have to wear multiple bags.


There are laptop bags that don’t fit cameras and camera bags that don’t fit laptops, bags just for diapers, bags just for work, for travel, for school, the list goes on. But we are entrepreneurs, parents, travelers, and creative professionals all at once. Not separately.

At Atlas Supply, We don’t think you should have to feel like a grade school student when wearing a backpack which is why we made this minimal leather one here. We also know your life sometimes takes you to more adventurous locations, which is why we created a canvas backpack here. Other mobile professionals have reviewed our pack; you can see what they said here. But you don’t have to take their word for it, you can see our return policy here. If you’re stuck on which color is meant for you, you can take our super scientific quiz here.

You can contact us here if you have any questions. And then you can get back to exploring, doing, and creating anywhere you want to be.

A creative lifestyle can be hectic.

Travel Simply.

The Ally is a sturdy canvas shoulder bag, perfect for packing smaller items and keeping your hands free.

Our favorite feature of the Ally, is that it was made to fit perfectly in the top or bottom section of our Atlas Minimalist Backpack. Impress your friends with how damn organized you are.

Why have one thing

When you can have 3 in 1.

Our love for backpacks crossed over into the tote world creating what we call The Wing Tote Pack. A versatile Atlas bag that can be used as a tote, backpack, or cross body bag. The soft adjustable straps make it easy and quick to go from tote to backpack to cross body without any annoying re-hooking or changing out straps.

Why settle for one thing when you can have three in one? Carry your essentials the way you want to carry them with the versatility of a tote pack.