What to Bring to Client Meetings as a Freelancer

A freelance businesswoman walking with her minimalist leather Atlas Supply Co. backpack.

Meetings with clients: You must wear approved, on-brand colors. You must use company-branded pens to sign all documents. You will be required to carry all documents needed for meetings in the company-provided briefcase. Your shoes must be black and freshly polished. A cardigan or suit jacket is mandatory. All questions about these standards will be directed to your immediate supervisor.

Do the requirements above sound familiar? Though most companies are not this strict, some of these guidelines may ring a bell. The company with these dress code mandates and meeting conduct might be the reason you decided to work for yourself! Whether freelancing is your mad side hustle or your main gig, this article is for you.

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Your Complete Guide on How to Bike to Work

Have you ever wanted to try biking to work? We see people do it all the time, but it can feel a little intimidating when you see commuters dressed head to toe in their fancy gear and spandex shorts. Rest assured, you don’t have to buy a whole new getup and expensive bike for your…

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The Modern Minimalist Diaper Bag for the Modern Mom

Gearing up to go out in public for the day can be a chore as is. Gearing up as a mom is a whole different feat. We’re talking diapers, a changing pad, baby wipes, the two extra outfits (because who knows what will happen at the park), unlimited snacks, toys for when the park becomes…

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The Modern Camera Bag For Today’s Photographer

Many of us can remember the days when our parents wanted family portraits done. You’d pack into the old minivan, head to the nearest department store, and stand in front of a backdrop while the photographer took a few photos for you to have printed later with digital copies on a CD. Big lights, tripods,…

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The Best Commuter Backpack for Any Occasion

When you’re commuting to work, you need a bag that can hold it all: lunch, a change of clothes for the gym, laptop, notepads, books, and other miscellaneous items like tissues, medication, water bottles, pens and pencils, headphones, etc. Whether you’re walking, driving, biking, or taking public transportation, we’ve got the perfect all-in-one commuter backpacks…

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Transitioning to Working from Home Full-Time

2020 is a year of disarray, with the world going on something of a “leave of absence” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporations and small businesses alike were forced to make changes to their work models to stay afloat, and a big shift was made toward working from home. While working moms and dads have…

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Work Backpack vs. Briefcase: Which is better?

It’s become more common to see people using work backpacks as opposed to briefcases and it’s for a good reason. Backpacks are becoming much more fashionable than ever before. Combine fashion with function and you’ve got yourself the perfect commuting backpack, whether for work, vacation, or everyday necessities. Here are just a few reasons why…

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How To Be A Minimalist Mom

This one is mostly for the moms out there, but stick around anyway if you’re interested in making and keeping things simple. Whether you’re a new mom, a veteran mom, a dog mom (or cat mom, we don’t exclude) a soon-to-be mom, or not a mom at all, all can benefit from some organization tips…

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Taking the Leap

We placed the order for our line of entrepreneurial bags! And because we are the impatient people we are, we decided to have a pre-sale. We were nervous to share it with too many people, because we figured most people are also impatient people, like ourselves. If they have to wait a month for it…

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