The Modern Minimalist Diaper Bag for the Modern Mom

An open brown diaper bag backpack exposing a stuffed animal and colorful baby toys inside

Gearing up to go out in public for the day can be a chore as is. Gearing up as a mom is a whole different feat. We’re talking diapers, a changing pad, baby wipes, the two extra outfits (because who knows what will happen at the park), unlimited snacks, toys for when the park becomes boring, a book, bottle, pacifier, etc. And there’s no better way to transport all of these necessities than…

The diaper bag. 

If you’re a mama, motherly figure, pet mom, or even a babysitter, surely the word “diaper bag” will make you cringe or give you some mild form of PTSD from lugging it around. Well, what if we told you it’s time to update the diaper bag to a more functional, stylish, and high-quality piece?

Meet the New Minimalist Diaper Bag

Motherhood is a selfless job, but a job you shouldn’t have to fully compromise your own bits of happiness for! We’re hinting at the little things like style. Why bother with the ratty, old diaper bag when you can update to a more modern look that’s equally – if not more – functional? 

Speaking of functionality, here are the must-have features we think every proper minimalist diaper bag should include: 


With the number of things you need to pack for your kiddo, let alone yourself, there’s no sense in hauling around a huge bag with only one opening. You’ll be digging for days. When the tears and tantrums start, think how convenient it would be to have side pockets. One quick reach and you have a soothing bottle or pacifier in no time. 

In addition to side compartments, the right minimalist diaper bag should also offer some kind of section dividers inside the bag. You don’t want to find yourself staring into a bottomless pit. You can almost always count on different sections and pockets within a diaper bag backpack, specifically. This way, you’re organized and can pack things much more efficiently.

Easy to Wear

 A blonde woman wearing an olive green backpack squatting down to pick up a green pumpkin at a pumpkin patch

Who doesn’t love a stylish bag that’s also easy to wear? We’re looking at you, adjustable straps. If you have multiple kids hanging on your arms at a time, we urge you to consider choosing a diaper bag backpack. Having your diaper bag on your back allows your arms to be free. This way, you can chase after your kiddos with open arms. Plus, if you’re heading into a long, busy day, we think your body will fare the best by going the backpack route. 


Isn’t it sad (yet part of life) when your adorable children ruin something you cherish? This can be anything from a white shirt to the freshly painted walls in your home…we feel your pain. Don’t let your diaper bag fall into this category! Find something that will withstand the tests of messy kids. More so, you’ll want a bag that’s structured, rain-friendly, lasts with time, and stain-resistant (remember, you’ll be carrying this almost wherever you go; you don’t want baby food stains smothered all over your two-in-one purse/diaper bag).

Laptop/Smart Tablet Pocket

A mixed material unzipped backpack revealing a smart tablet sticking out

This is another great feature you’ll typically find within a diaper bag backpack. It’s 2020 and let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes the iPad or smart tablet is the only thing that will entertain a screaming child. So, whether you’re storing the kids’ smart tablet or your own personal laptop, we think this isolated section is a must. 

No one wants spilled milk on their electronics – believe us, that is a reason worth crying over spilled milk.

Choosing a Minimalist Diaper Bag with Atlas Supply Co.

A woman wearing a minimalist diaper bag on her back while walking her child in a stroller through town on a cold day

Here at Atlas Supply Co., we carry high-quality, durable pieces that meet all your minimalist diaper bag needs. 

With side access, a laptop section, and removable parts inside, the bag is roomy enough to pack the goods – all while staying organized. Our bags also offer support through adjustable straps and a side attachment for added comfort. Durability? Check. Since our products are made from genuine vegan leather or sturdy canvas, they’re designed to last. In addition, the lining is wipeable material. See you never, stains!

See for yourself. Shop our bags and backpacks that double perfectly as a minimalist diaper bag!

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