The Entrepreneur – Stranger Things Edition

$ 175


The Entrepreneur is the perfect bag for creative professionals who are on the run from the demogorgon. This Stranger Things Edition comes with a Entrepreneur Backpack, Stranger Things Iron On Patch, a Stranger Things Sweatshirt, and Stranger Things Socks. (Please include your size of sweatshirt in the notes at checkout)

The separate laptop section holds up to a 15″ laptop with padded siding & bottom for extra protection.

The main compartment can be secured with a zipper and a magnetic flap. There are two inner pockets large enough for an ipad mini.

The inside features what we've coined “the shelf”, a removable piece of padding that separates the inner section in half. (We swear by the bottom section for camera gear, Eggos and shoes to name a few.) The bag also features a removable vertical divider to secure fragile items such as camera equipment.The bottom section features a side access pocket, perfect for getting to those items you need without having to take the bag off. Perfect for running through the upside down without slowing down.

Our passport pocket is large enough for keys/iphones/wallets/gum/and any other small items you are in constant need of and need quick access to.

These canvas backpacks are perfect for adding pins and patches!

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  • 18 in X 12 in X 6 in
  • 22 liters
  • Laptop pocket fits up to 15″ laptop. Passport pocket fits up to Iphone 7+. Ipad pockets fit up to Ipad Mini. Camera pocket 10 inches deep.


  • Minimal Design / Natural Leather / Unisex / YKK Zippers
  • Adjustable straps with side attachment for added comfort
  • side water bottle pocket
  • Durable / reinforced / padded to protect all your valuable gear

Caring for your Backpack:

This pack is made from canvas and is lightly pretreated with wax. We include a 1 oz. leather cream with every order to waterproof your pack and replenish oils when necessary. Refills will be available for purchase in the shop.

5 out of 5

I’m going to start off by saying that this is the best purchase I’ve made in a while. I heard about this company from my older brother, and when I checked out the website, I fell in love. The backpack may be a little pricey, but it is so worth it. The first thing I’m going to say is that there is the perfect amount of pockets, all with the perfect sizes. In all the backpacks I’ve had, there always has been a pocket problem. Either too many or too little. In my last backpack there was 2 pockets that I never touched. The laptop pocket is my personal favorite part of the bag. It has padding for protection and is the perfect size for a mac book. The main pocket fits all my notebooks, with room to spare for other things that I may need, and has a button on each side that that can be undone for more accessibility, but can be done up to prevent rain from entering or from things falling out . Inside the main pocket there is a smaller, zip up pocket that is perfect for pens and pencils. Right below the main pocket there is another small zip up pocket, about the size of a half sheet of paper. I find it very useful for loose papers that I don’t want getting crumpled under the books in the main pocket. It has another zip up pocket on the very front of the bag, which is perfect for a phone, wallet, or other such valuables that you may not want in your pocket. It has a pocket on each side of the bag. One of them is a zip up side access for the main pocket, and the other is a water bottle holder. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and fit well, stylish, and are very easy to adjust. Over all, this backpack is very stylish and yet still remains functional. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys leather accessories and is willing to pay a little extra for it.

November 6, 2017
5 out of 5

The ultimate pack ?? fits and keeps everything I need for work protected and easily accessible (laptop, hard drive, camera + extra lens) and still leaves plenty of room for my keys, wallet, notebook and most importantly snacks. I’ve taken it camping and it’s a perfect size carry on. The pockets make it easy to get anything you need out without having to take it off. I feel like a ninja. Between the super light weight canvas and the padded straps it’s like wearing a cloud! It’s Prettaay prettaayy prettay good!

September 24, 2017
5 out of 5

Just like the creators, this backpack is brilliant! Being a mom, teacher and a student, I have an unspeakable amount of things I am constantly carrying around with me. This is the first bag I have owned that carries everything I need throughout the day, plus extra space. Even better, Atlas Supply Co. flawlessly created a high quality backpack with a professional look, not to mention the Astoria is the perfect shade of green!

Julianna Lee
September 21, 2017
5 out of 5

Funny enough, I’m wearing the backpack while writing this review in a coffee shop 🙂 I love that I can use it for everything. There’s room for diapers, my giant MacBook, a water bottle, snacks, and a change of clothes! The best part is when I’m carrying a full bag, the straps are comfortable enough that it doesn’t dig into my shoulders. Also, I get compliments left and right. It’s seriously the best!

Franzine Mackley
September 21, 2017
5 out of 5

It’s my first year of college and it fits everything I need for classes plus my gym stuff for later. I get compliments on it all the time, and I started putting patches on it last week that actually make excellent conversation pieces when I’m meeting new people in class. Helps break the ice, and everybody loves that, am I right?

Jordan Hansen
September 20, 2017
5 out of 5

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BAG. I’m a super backpack snob, I’ve tried a lot of them and spent a good amount of money to find the right one. I was settling with my Langly backpack until I got this one. Best one I’ve ever used. Looks amazing, customizable in use and look(hello patches!) and is the perfect size. Fits all my camera gear and baby gear.

Janae Allred
September 20, 2017



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