A Modern Work Backpack: the New and Improved Briefcase

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Let’s get one thing straight: briefcases are outdated. They just are. You don’t have to fit the mold of what a regular commuter should look like. Instead of blending in with the other black suits and briefcases, set yourself apart by choosing a bag that not only offers functionality but looks good, too. 

Today, we want to walk you through our favorite type of work backpack and the features that will make your workday better all around.

Ditch the Briefcase. Opt for a Commuting Backpack.

A dusty, ratty black briefcase standing upright

When you think “briefcase,” you might think clunky, inconvenient, and outdated. A good work backpack should be everything but. So, in our book, here are the top 5 things to look for when choosing an alternative to your dad’s briefcase. 

1. Structure

While briefcases might look outdated, you also don’t want to head into work with a ratty backpack you dug up from middle school. The workplace is a professional setting, after all. Instead, you should opt for a work backpack with a set structure and padding throughout the bag. This not only makes you look presentable and serious about your job, but it provides protection and cushioning for your valuables and electronics. 

Having structure also makes it easy for you to walk into a meeting, set your bag down upright, and be able to pull out your tablet or laptop without the bag crumpling to the ground. 

For us, it’s all about convenience. But looking professional is also an important expectation of several industries. 

2. Internal & External Organization

A caramel-colored work backpack with its flap open to display the internal pockets and lining

Organization and easy access are crucial when you’re on the go. Let’s talk pockets. Too many can feel overwhelming. Too few will lead to a bottomless pit. Here are the types of pockets we think will make your commute and workday just right:

  • A Large External Pocket  – this is where you store the things you always need when you’re on the go (think gum, chapstick, headphones, charger, etc.). You won’t always have time – or personal space – to dig through an endless hole of belongings just to find that skinny stick of lip balm. Make things simpler by having one outer pocket.
  • One or Two External Side Pockets – these typically won’t zip up, but rather, they’ll carry your water bottle, coffee, or whatever it is that gets you through the day. Again, you’ll want this type of pocket on the exterior so you can reach for your beverage in one swift movement and be on your way.
  • Three Internal Zippered Compartments – when it comes to inside pockets, we think three is the magic number. Go up an extra level by choosing a work backpack with mesh pockets; this way, you’re able to easily see what’s where. 
  • Laptop Compartment – and lastly, choose a commuting backpack with a laptop/tablet compartment. You don’t want your most valuable electronic (or books/magazines if you don’t use a laptop or tablet) sharing space with your pens/pencils, lunch, hand sanitizer, etc. Just avoid it. 

That’s it. Not too fussy, right? We’re all about a good minimalist backpack that provides just the right amount of necessary organization. 

3. Portable & Lightweight

Whether your commute to work is five minutes or an hour, no one likes heavy backpacks. It’s part of a recipe for a bad day. Instead of feeling weighed down (physically or emotionally), opt for something lightweight with adjustable straps. 

If you’re planning to use your work backpack for things outside of the office (i.e. travel and errands), a lightweight backpack will especially come in handy. 

4. Material

A blonde woman wearing a caramel-colored leather backpack facing backward next to a cactus

The material plays a big part in the overall look and design of your work backpack. To maintain that professional-yet-practical look, we recommend going for a neutral color palette and reliable material. Our favorite material? Leather – full-grain leather, to be exact. 

Leather is a classic material (one that lasts a long time, too) and instantly gives any commuting backpack a touch of sophistication while maintaining function. As you know, most briefcases are made from leather, meaning it’s a tried-and-true material in the business world. Think leather briefcase, elevated. 

5. Durability

Along with the material, it’s important to choose a work backpack that will withstand the elements and the unpredictable subway rides. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be that person walking into work with a beat-up backpack that you spent good money on. Better yet, you want your electronics and valuables to have full protection!

We recommend choosing a commuting backpack with an outer water-resistant layer or a wipable nylon material that makes unexpected cleanup much easier.

Replace the Old Briefcase with an Atlas Supply Work Backpack

A man inside wearing his leather commuting backpack as he gets ready to head off to work

Luckily for you, the search for the perfect work backpack ends here! Built with minimalist design, a sleek aesthetic, functional pockets, adjustable straps, and durability/water resistance, our bags and backpacks give you the full deal. Here at Atlas Supply Co., our mission is to make your life (and your commute) a little easier. 

Get rid of the briefcase and try our modern work backpack as a dependable alternative. You won’t regret it. 

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