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We are the chronic entrepreneurs, the “mom and pop shops”, and those hobbyists that found their hobbies actually making them a living. Our ideas don’t come from an office, so neither do we. Join our tribe of working nomads, where the office is anywhere we want it to be.

This limited edition Atlas Pin pack comes with 3 enamel pins that represent those creatives that won’t stay put. Only 100 available.

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Atlas Pin

We support the freedom to work anywhere by providing the convenience of a backpack and sophistication of a briefcase for creatives who won’t stay put.

Death to Workplace Pin

Death to workplace doesn’t mean a physical space. It means death to anything that holds you back. Death to excuses, one days, doubts, and what ifs.

Not a Worker Bee Pin

We break the boundaries of traditional. We are not the worker bees. We explore, we create, we shake things up and constantly seek to discover the new.


1 review for Atlas Pin Pack

  1. Randi

    These pins are beautiful! By far the coolest in my collection. I keep trying to pick a favorite. It’s for sure the worker bee…no, wait, death to the workplace…no the Atlas….Atlas and the workplace…and the bee. Being limited edition makes them even more special. I’ll be passing them down someday and that makes me smile.

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