The Minimalist Diaper Bag Checklist

 image of a young mom and her two kids out and about with her minimalist diaper bag

First of all, congratulations on your little one, no matter what stage of life they’re in! If you’re a new mom, a mom-to-be, a hopeful mom, or a generation above prepping your daughter (or daughter-in-law) for the joys of parenthood, this post is for you. 

If you think that most diaper bags on the market are too niche thanks to baby prints and baby-proof materials, and you’re after something more simple and multiuse, our Atlas Supply Co. bags fit the bill. Today we’re going to share the perfect diaper bag checklist that goes hand in hand with our minimalist diaper bag styles, achieving optimal functionality and fashionability.

Boiling It Down to the Bare Minimum

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If you’re a mama, it’s hard not to carry everything for every possible scenario, but the key to a perfect diaper bag is keeping it simple. It’s hard enough to run errands with a baby or toddler in tow, let alone lugging their entire playroom and pantry along with you. Here’s us breaking down the bare minimum of what you should keep in your minimalist diaper bag:

  • Diapers (duh)
    • Keep it to one for every two hours you’re out and about, and you’ll be set. And if you have to overpack, this is the one area we recommend doing so. Better safe than sorry… 
  • Wipes
    • It’s best to use a resealable travel pack so they don’t dry out, especially since they’re the most multiuse product you carry with you. Think about how often you wipe down changing tables, door handles, baby body parts, your leather diaper bag… the list goes on.
  • Baby Cream/Ointment/Lotion/Powder
    • Save space with refillable travel-size containers! 
  • A Quality Changing Pad
    • Regular baby bags may already include changing pads, but these don’t often have the quality or longevity you need for trips with baby. 
  • Small Empty Sacks (like bathroom-sized trash bags!)
    • For tossing the dirty diapers and to store soiled clothing from burps, spills, etc. These can also be used to keep pacifiers and nursing products clean, and to keep them away from the other bag contents if they happen to fall on the floor. 
  • Pacifiers
    • Keep these stored with extra bottle nipples to keep them sanitary in the empty sacks like we just listed. 
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • A must-have nowadays! 
  • Food/Drinks
    • This could be infant formula, baby food, baby snacks, milk – anything you’d normally feed the baby just in case they need a little something when you’re stuck in a way-too-long line at the grocery store or wherever you are. These aren’t just for baby; toss in something for yourself! Think water bottle, granola bar, or some crackers. There’s room, especially in the Minimalist where there are different compartments allowing everyone to have their own bag space!
  • A Change of Clothes
    • Spills, burps, and other natural disasters happen. To avoid having a stinky, sticky, and icky baby, bring some extra threads. In the summer this could include a hat or sunglasses to protect from those harsh rays.
  • Sunscreen
    • If your babe is over six months old, it’s safe for them to use baby sunscreen. If younger than that, use a blanket or a hat like we just touched on. Or, just keep the stroller shade up. (Plus, Mama/Dada should be wearing and reapplying sunscreen, too!)
  • A Baby Blanket
    • Chilly breezes can sneak up on you, so better to be prepared than let baby freeze. Plus, if they have a favorite blanket, it may make naptime easier or calm them down when stressed. 
  • Baby Toys
    • Now, we’re not saying to bring the whole toybox. Maybe a favorite stuffie, a plastic teething toy, or a baby book. Something that they may not toss outside the stroller (or on the floor) that will keep them entertained during whatever it is you’re doing. 
  • Medication/First-Aid Kit
    • You never know when you or your infant might have a need for a bandaid, a temperature check, some nasal drops, baby fever medication, baby alcohol swabs or cleaner, or prescription medication. Plus, you may need a medicine dropper to make sure the infant gets it all, especially if they’re fussy when they have to have medication. Or worse, what happens if an allergic reaction breaks out and you need an EPI-pen STAT? Obviously, you’ll know what your baby needs based on their pediatrician recommendations and health history, but a baby first-aid kit is a good thing to keep on hand.

It seems like a lot after it’s all said and done, but it only begins to feel like a lot if you toss in extra items every time you leave the house. An extra toy here and there eventually becomes the playroom in a bag, extra snacks can get jumbled in the mix and break open or expire, you can lose your own essentials in the mix – especially keys or your wallet – and what if there’s an emergency? You might have to empty all that excess to find whatever it is you need in a pinch, whether it calls for wipes, a diaper, a toy, a bandaid, hand sanitizer, or medication, so it’s really best to keep it simple.

Pack It Up in the Best Leather Diaper Bags

Woman and her two kids out and about with her leather diaper bag on display

At Atlas Supply Co., we wanted to design bags that did the job and looked good doing it. Whether that’s a backpack for the student or young professional, the camera bag for the photographer or videographer, the shoulder bag for day-to-day routines, or a tote bag for the everyday essentials, our premium leather bags can do it all. Any of our genuine or vegan leather bags can double as a leather diaper bag, and after the baby is all grown up, it’s a stylish, minimalist carry-all bag for Mom or Dad! 

Better yet, our bags are made to kill the frills. They’re simple in design and construction, without unnecessary baubles or pockets to lose who knows what. You won’t have to dig for your keys, for the wipes, for a toy, or anything, because our bags optimize interior organization. You can fit everything you need in our minimalist diaper bag and then some; storage is never an issue with an Atlas Supply Co. bag.

Ready to say goodbye to cutesy prints and finicky pockets? 

Check out the best leather diaper bags (or just great “me” bags!) today.

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