Your Complete Guide on How to Bike to Work

Have you ever wanted to try biking to work? We see people do it all the time, but it can feel a little intimidating when you see commuters dressed head to toe in their fancy gear and spandex shorts. Rest assured, you don’t have to buy a whole new getup and expensive bike for your commute. Think of it more as a casual nature ride – something that feels commonplace. 

We want to walk you through some things you should think about if you take up commuting to work on your bike. We’ll cover why you should start this little hobby, what to wear, and what to bring with you (including what type of work backpack you should have).

Why You Should Start

Three benefits:

  1. It’s an environment-friendly option. Care about the planet? Start biking to work to do your part!
  2. It saves you gas money. And who doesn’t love saving a dollar here and there? Plus, commuting by car just gets old. We associate it with the ultimate mundane work day. Switch it up!
  3. Lastly, biking to work provides a good source of exercise – especially during your busy workday. We hear people complain about having no time to work out during the week, so make time. Biking to work will burn calories and give you those endorphins to make your workday productive and fulfilling. 

What to Wear

Again, you don’t need new workout apparel to make this happen. We’ve seen people bike in their business suits with ease! But if you are looking for a different option, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing that you can really move in. Tight pencil skirts are probably out of the question here. 

You can opt for an outfit that meets work standards and exercise standards, or decide to wear full-on workout clothes and pack an extra outfit for work. It depends on how long your commute is, how sweaty you get, and whether or not you want to deal with the hassle of changing once you get to your workplace. We can’t answer these questions for you, but try a couple different ways one week and see what works best. 

Above all, we recommend wearing a helmet. It doesn’t matter if your workplace is just a couple blocks away; don’t overlook this step! For additional safety, try to wear bright colors that can be easily seen by motorists – especially if you’re biking in the early morning or late evening.

What to Bring with You

Obviously, you’re going to need all your work things (think laptop, files, books, a lunch, etc.), and you can no longer dump everything in your car and expect to sort it out when you arrive at your destination. You’ll need a way to properly store and organize your belongings.

That’s where a work backpack comes in. 

Forget about a briefcase or side satchel. Those will only get in the way and cause you to feel off balance if they’re hanging on the side. We love the idea of a commuting backpack because it’s perfectly centered on your back, giving you that sense of balance while leaving your hands free. 

What Your Work Backpack Should Include:

  1. Stain-resistant, wipeable material. You never know what you’re going to encounter on your morning commute. But hey, it’s an adventure that will spruce up your work life. Just be sure to find a backpack that can weather through the elements, take on bird poop, and wick away sweat. 
  2. Organized, intentional sections. Having a separate laptop section is a must, but you also want separate sections for your lunch, pens & pencils, your other electronics, etc. Don’t just opt for a work backpack with no structure or organization. You’ll show up to work frustrated with the mess left in your bag. 
  3. Side Access. We’re not saying you should be reaching around in your commuting backpack while on the move. But if you come to a stop and there’s something you need (say a sip of water, a key, or phone for an emergency), think how easy it would be to just reach around to a side pocket without having to take off the whole backpack and dig. It’s the little things.

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Now that you have the perfect formula for biking to work, you should be set. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! To make things even easier on you, we have the ultimate work backpack that includes all the features we went over. So, no matter what outfit you end up going with, you’ll be riding in style. 

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