The Best Commuter Backpack for Any Occasion

When you’re commuting to work, you need a bag that can hold it all: lunch, a change of clothes for the gym, laptop, notepads, books, and other miscellaneous items like tissues, medication, water bottles, pens and pencils, headphones, etc.

Whether you’re walking, driving, biking, or taking public transportation, we’ve got the perfect all-in-one commuter backpacks for you at Atlas Supply Co.

Simple & Stylish & Spacious, Oh My!

Every Atlas Supply Co. backpack is designed with minimalistic simplicity in mind. We believe that you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to make something look great. Because of the simplicity of our backpacks, you don’t have to worry about them going out of style. They aren’t clunky like most travel or commuter backpacks; instead, they look professional and classy in any setting. You won’t have to worry about your backpack clashing with your outfit for the day, because an Atlas Supply Co. backpack goes with everything.

While our backpacks are simple in style, they also offer a ton of space to hold everything you need on your commute. Think of it like a Narnia wardrobe: beautiful on the outside, spacious on the inside. When you’re commuting to work, school, or any other activities, you want a bag that can hold everything, including the things to keep you entertained during the commute. Luckily, you can fit a laptop, charger, book, Kindle, Switch, and any other form of entertainment needed to keep you occupied until you reach your destination.


One of the best features of an Atlas Supply Co. commuter backpack is how versatile it can be for any occasion or activity you plan to attend. Some of the features include: 

Removable Shelf

This feature allows you to create your backpack into your own unique organizer that works perfectly for you. If you’ve got an extra pair of shoes to carry around but don’t want them getting other items dirty, you can stick them in the bottom of your bag and then separate them with the divider. You’ll still have plenty of room for other personals and a perfect spot for your shoes. 

Or maybe you have something fragile like a camera that you don’t want to just toss in a bag with everything else. Once again, you can stick the camera in the bottom part of your Atlas Supply Co. backpack and add the separator shelf to keep it from getting squished. 

Secure Secret Pocket

Do you have sensitive documents or other important information you need to carry for work? 

No problem. 

Not only will you look fashionable on your trip with an Atlas Supply Co. backpack, you can feel secure too. Our commuter backpacks are equipped with a secret pocket for any valuable papers or information that need to be kept safe and out of a pick-pocket’s fingers. 

Laptop Sleeve

If you’re a college student that also works a job, you fully understand the importance of having everything with you for both school and work at all times. It’s pretty common where college students have to rush from class to work fairly quickly with books, a change of work clothes, laptop, you name it. Having a special spot for your laptop that’s secure is an extra nice feature to have in a backpack. And a laptop isn’t the only thing meant to go in that spot. Feel free to toss in notepads, books, binders, and anything else that’s about the size of a laptop.

Side Pocket Access

Have you ever been standing in line at the checkout and you get to the counter only to realize your wallet is likely in the very bottom of your backpack and you’ll have to heave it off your back and rustle through it, making everyone wait on you? 

Not a fun time. 

Fortunately, our backpacks have a sneaky side pocket access, meaning you can simply swing your pack around on one shoulder and have all the access you need to your wallet, phone, and keys. 

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We have a variety of options of commuter backpacks for you to choose from. Enjoy the best commuter backpack there is to offer and look good while sporting it. Snag one for you and that commuter friend in your life as a thoughtful gift!

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