Work Backpack vs. Briefcase: Which is better?

It’s become more common to see people using work backpacks as opposed to briefcases and it’s for a good reason. Backpacks are becoming much more fashionable than ever before. Combine fashion with function and you’ve got yourself the perfect commuting backpack, whether for work, vacation, or everyday necessities.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose a commuting backpack over a briefcase:

Better for Your Body

If your work commute consists of walking and taking public transportation, you are no stranger to hauling around your laptop, important documents, notebooks, pens, and any other item you may need for the workday. 

You may have noticed after carrying your briefcase around for a while that your arm starts to get tired and your back begins to ache. Carrying around a heavy briefcase across town as you commute to work is hard on your body, specifically your shoulders and back.

With a briefcase, you’re putting uneven pressure on just one side of your body which isn’t good for your posture and related joints. Going to work this way on a daily basis will end up causing you some long-term problems for your body. 

Switching to a backpack is going to be much better for your body. With two straps to support all of your belongings, your body will be able to handle the weight much more effectively. Rather than carrying everything on one arm, a backpack allows you to distribute the weight evenly to both shoulders and your upper back, which happen to be much stronger than your dangling arm that’s become accustomed to swinging a briefcase. 

Greater Space Capacity

A briefcase is fine if you need to fit a few documents and a laptop in there, but let’s be honest, you need a lot more for work than just that. You likely need to pack a lunch or maybe you want to run some errands after work and you’d like to bring your reusable canvas bags to go grocery shopping. These are just a couple of things that most people have, often there are many more objects you bring with you to work like pens, notebooks, chargers, medication, and water bottles, just to name a few.

A backpack can handle all of that and more. In fact, you could fit an entire outfit in a backpack if you wanted to. Maybe you’re planning on hitting the gym after work and need something to change into. A backpack has the space to fit running shoes and a change of gym clothes as well as your work essentials for the day. 

So if you’re in need of more space, stop using a briefcase and go with a work backpack that allows you to pack more.

Professional Look

Backpacks are no longer just for kids in school or adventurers in the mountains. Luckily, there are way more professional-looking options for backpacks out there now.

Backpacks are now designed with high-quality materials like leather and canvas that provide a minimalist look while also offering a professional style. Even if you’re looking for that all-in-one backpack that you can take anywhere, there are options for you now. Whether you’re heading to the office, hanging out with friends, taking the kids out, or just traveling, backpacks allow you to carry everything with you while still looking great. 

The Work Backpack for Everyone

Atlas Supply Co understands the importance of having a functional backpack that looks professional. Our backpacks have a larger space capacity than any briefcase ever could. There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice function for fashion, especially when you can have both with a good-looking backpack. 

With an Atlas Supply Co backpack, you’ll have more space for all of your work and play necessities, better weight distribution on your shoulders, and an all-around great-looking backpack. 

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  • Love the minimalist line. When will you have the copper back in stock and what is the warranty on the bags? Thanks!

    • Hi Carna,

      Thanks for reaching out! We hope to restock soon. Please email us at [email protected] to get put on our notification list. We stand behind our quality, and are pretty creative for coming up with solutions to any future issues that may arise 🙂