We feel like our bag could be so easily placed in a few different genre’s but we were really wanting to gear it toward people like ourselves. We (selfishly) wanted to join and create a community of entrepreneurs who’s needs were similar to ours. So despite this being a great adventure pack or a great camera pack or a great diaper pack, we wanted the branding’s main focus to be the modern day professional. Those who need the convenience of a backpack but the sophistication of a briefcase.

So with that in mind, we dove into the branding. And by dove in I mean for several weeks I didn’t even have one solid idea for a logo and I pretty much just stared at blank pieces of paper. This was one area of our story that I thought would come so easily because of my 5 year career of branding small businesses. Honestly, there was about a 2 week period where I kept telling my husband that I wish it was like those textbooks you had in high school where if you tried and you couldn’t figure out the answer, you could flip to the back of the book.


I just felt like I was trudging through that garbage chute on Star Wars and the walls were closing in surrounding me with more garbage. The Atlas lightbulb was finally the gem that we all agreed was the answer we were looking for.


So many of my business ideas have ended up being…just ideas. I never acted on them or took the risk. So the Atlas lightbulb with the EKG center is our friendly little reminder to ourselves to take the idea further. Give it some guts and teeth even. Which is also what we want to inspire our audience to do. Atlas is for those who non-traditional chronic entrepreneurs who would rather -in the words of Mark Cuban- “work 80 hours a week to make 50k and work for myself than have a 75-100 thousand dollar job working for someone else.”


We hope to eventually turn Atlas into a resource and community for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Where we find ourselves now is at the the edge between our idea and reality for the Atlas pack.

It’s time to place the order.


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