A Cliche Beginning

A business idea, for some people, is like sasha fierce is to beyonce. It’s this alter ego that will put itself out there, take risks, throw money around like you’re that kid on Blank Check (possibly an age limited joke). I would say we are no different. And like so many other people, so many of our business ideas started out in a burst of flame and quickly fizzled out after a period of time. This may or not be a story that has the same glorious beginning and tragic ending. Or maybe this one of those legendary Pixar endings that makes you more than happy with the 3 sequels that follow. Regardless, it should be an interesting one to watch unfold. Sort of a learn from our mistakes type tale.

It starts the same as all of the others. “Wouldn’t it be cool if ______?!” In our blank space it happened to be an idea for a bag. Original I know, but we were out to fill a seat that we couldn’t find was taken yet. A bag that would carry our laptop, a camera, have space for other things, and still be attractive. So this is the story of our idea coming to life. A fully custom backpack from the idea, to concept drawings, to samples, to branding, to manufacturing, to ordering, to store, to figuring out all the “oh s***” moments that pop up in between.

The Digital Mock-Up

So we’re really doing this! How hard could it be right? Except for the fact we have no experience in pattern making, leather goods, backpacks, frankly the closest thing I’ve come to something like this is sewing a button back on to a well used shirt. We’ve been working non-traditional jobs for about 3 years….

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Finding a Manufacturer

We knew coming in that our minimum order might be a problem. We weren’t looking to order a thousand bags we were looking for maaaaaybe a couple hundred. And that was even pushing it. We aren’t swimming in cash, I don’t happen to have a couple hundred grand that I left lying around looking for…

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The Sample

The bag became like a member of the family, we took it with us everywhere. The beach, Disneyland, when my 4 month old and I had a flight to Utah for 32 hours, it was the only thing I took with me (along with my computer, and essential goods neatly packed inside). There were some…

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We feel like our bag could be so easily placed in a few different genre’s but we were really wanting to gear it toward people like ourselves. We (selfishly) wanted to join and create a community of entrepreneurs who’s needs were similar to ours. So despite this being a great adventure pack or a great…

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Taking the Leap

We placed the order for our line of entrepreneurial bags! And because we are the impatient people we are, we decided to have a pre-sale. We were nervous to share it with too many people, because we figured most people are also impatient people, like ourselves. If they have to wait a month for it…

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